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I have 38GB in my cache.  

According to my array stats, data is being written at about 31MB/s. It varies but that's roughly the average.



According to this calculator, it should take half an hour or so to move this much data at the rate above. After 2 hours, it's only moved 4 gb.


What's the point of a cache drive if mover is this slow?

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5 hours ago, ChatNoir said:

What are the files you are moving ?

In general, large files move quickly (full speed) while small files are very slow.


If you post your diagnostics in your next post, people can check if there are abnormal things been logged.


They are several very large files.  I've attached diags to the original post.  

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Same thing here. Writes to the cache as full speed (max spinning drive speed reads).




Then when I hit the Mover button (below image) I only get 25MB/s. is this normal? the system isn't doing anything else such as a parity check. though the parity drive is active.



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I've read some more and have a better understanding why this is happening. I looked at the APP for Turbo Write Schedule and that looks interesting. But as the Mover is doing its work at midnight on this might not be an issue for me. Its only when I'm doing an intentional move that it becomes an issue. Thanks for the reply.



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