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As I am new to Unraid, I need some assistance, so hopefully someone can help :)


I want to use Unraid to get a windows 10 os running and a linux os on the same machine.


Currently I have the following hardware:

CPU: Intel G4560

Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VH

Ram 8GB

450W PSU

2 X SSD´s (one 120 Gb and one 240 GB)

2 x Mechanical Drives (both 1TB drives)

GPU: Onboard (CPU)


I thought about splitting the above in two, and have one machine run Windows 10 and the other Linux.


So is the above possible with what I have, or not plausible?

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Hi Squid, thanks for your honesty :) Highly appreciated!


Would it then be possible to use Unraid to power on one machine with all resources? consequently then powering it down and let the other machine boot up using all resources? only storage being assigned specific to each system?


Also I only want to remote into the WM's!

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Hi UNOPARATOR, Yes that could be an option, but I want to be able to switch between the two machines without having to attach a keyboard and monitor :) The machine is standing in a storage room. But thanks for the honest answer!


And thanks Constructor!

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