Worth consolidating servers for efficiency/power?

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Hi all, currently i’m running two separate servers, both Unraid, one for docker/VMs, and one for fileserving only. Specs below:



Motherboard: Supermicro x9DRi-LN4+

CPU: 2x Xeon E5-2650 v2 (32 cores total at 2.60 ghz)

Ram: 64 GB DDR3

Running about 20 docker containers (plex, *arr stack, monitoring, pihole, calibre, homeassistant, etc.) and 3 VMs



Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming7

CPU: Core i5-4690k (4 cores @ 3.50 ghz)


Running minimal dockers for backup/syncing, etc


Hard drive space is kindof irrelevant, as i’ve got plenty of it. The original two-server design came from me not wanting to put all of my eggs in one basket, and having the hardware to do so. Now however, i’m wondering if it’s easier/more efficient for me to take the motherboard/processor/ram from the App server, move it to the file server, and migrate everything that was running on the appserver to run on the fileserver as well, and just have everything in one box.


If this were your stuff, what would you guys do?

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Currently 18, but i'm actually looking to size that count down, as it's a mix of 10TB drives all the way down to 3TB.  (It's in a 4U, 24-bay chassis so i got lazy and never "sized up" any drives, when i ran out of space i just added another one). I'm looking to eventually (in my copious free time) take the stuff on the 3's, move it to the free space on the 10s, and remove the 3's from the array.

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3 hours ago, jfeeser said:

Currently 18

If so much disks, then have value thinking about saving power. I have two unraid previously, but now also combine to one too, 3U was main and 2U just perform backup task. I remove the mainboard in 2U then add a SAS expander to connect to 3U, Only power on if I need it.


Due to 2U disks can't be array disk anymore, so I group disks in RAID0 and mount under UD, for example 3x8TB ( 24TB) array disk will be backup by 4x6TB. Straightforward disks to disks backup now.


The 2nd USB licence move to test bed use.



13 hours ago, jfeeser said:

put all of my eggs in one basket

So, all disk not serve by same PSU, at least against all burn-out.  


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