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a huge thank you to many users of the unraid community for helping me a relatively painless transition from an old QNAP (b. 2008) to a  brand new unraid server.  i was considering a new QNAP, when just last november a friend of my told me about "unraid" alternative.  

after a few weeks of reading forums, ordering parts, watching tutorials and reading KB articles, i am now a proud unraid owner/user, and cannot be happier.  


installation had only one hiccup. i did not enable UEFI when creating an unraid boot disk, and took me a while to figure out that this caused the server not to boot.  

my use cases are very simple: NAS storage and media server (with remote access).  to achieve that i've installed sabnzbd, sonarr, radarr, lidarr, jellyfin, krusader, duckdns, swag.

my server has been running for a couple of days now. i copied all my files from and old NAS. configured jellyfin to be accessible remotely through reverse proxy.

so far no major issues (well, one of cache SSDs started to throw read/write errors, so i removed it - i don't consider this a major issue as i'll be getting replacement soon.  

the next thing i'd like to do is to configure a backup process to backup most important files to my old QNAP NAS - looking for an advice which app would serve this purpose best.


my build (i often read messages/questions related to components compatibility, so i hope this may help someone) :

- case: fractal node 804 with 6 noctua fans (replaced all 3 stock case fans, and added a few)

- PSU: corsair RM750x

- mobo: ASRock X570M

- RAM: corsair vengeance DDR4 3000 2x16GB

- CPU: Ryzen 3400G + noctua CPU cooler

- HDD: 4x Seagate IronWolf 8TB for array, 1x 12 TB Ironwold for parity  (initially i got 4x8TB hdds and wanted to dedicate 1 of them for parity disk, but decided to use all 4 for array and get an extra 12 TB Ironwolf as a parity drive - still not shipped, but already ordered)

-  2x 1TB Sabrent Rocket Nvme 4.0 M.2 used in a cache pool (as mentioned above one of them started to throw read/write errors)


again i'm very grateful to this community for all the shared knowledge that led a below intermediate technical person like myself have an unraid server built and running in such a short time.



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