Gutted, AOC-USAS2-L8e Broken (Magic Smoke)

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Today is a very (first world) sad day for me. My Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8e appears to have gone pop.


First I received an email saying my Unfi Controller had gone offline which I didn't think anything of, then I noticed my shares had gone offline. I went to the Unraid Dashboard and all my drives were showing as disabled or disconnected and only the Cache drives (which don't go through the raid controller) were present. Gutted.


I removed the card and can see clear as day one of the resistors has gone pop.


(can you spot it)


I have a few questions:


  • What damage, if any, might have been caused by the raid controller failing?
  • I've done a search on eBay for a replacement card of this type with slim pickings, is there an alternative I can use?
  • If/when I get a replacement, what steps should I follow when rebooting the system to ensure my datas integrity? I do have weekly backups of this data, but would like to try and avoid too much data loss.


Hope you can help! 


MrGeeza 😎


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