Setup CyberPower UPS to auto shutdown server over network


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Hello there,


I ended up finding a killer deal on an APC NetShelter 24U cabinet, which came with a rack-mount CyberPower 1500W UPS (PR1500LCDRTXL2U;


I picked up the network adapter (RMCARD205) to have network connectivity as the UPS already had their webGUI/software to manage everything ( On their website it says that it can auto-shutdown "workstations and multiple servers", and "up to 50 clients", so it seems like this is something that is already built in to the NIC.

I wanted to set up the UPS / Unraid to gracefully shutdown when the battery gets to a certain percentage (and my Windows 10 gaming desktop if possible too). Currently running Unraid 6.8.3. I've looked around on the forum, but have so far only found threads on connecting the UPS to Unraid via a USB cable. I wanted to have it connect via Ethernet and be able to shut it down that way (especially as I'm planning to have multiple computers that I want it to shutdown).

Would anyone know how to do this, or could point me in the right direction? What would I need to configure in Unraid (SNMP, etc) to do this?

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Don't take my word for it 100% since I never used this card .. I didn't feel the need to spend $200+ just to get my UPS on the network when USB / apcusbd was enough for me..  but I think you will just need to use the IP address of the RMCARD in Unraid's UPS settings to read the UPS status.



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I am not sure whether you're aware, but if the server is on 24/7, then there is no need to have the UPS on the network.  Apcupsd on the server would let an apcupsd slave that is setup on the network know to shut down if there is a power failure.  I am sure you can do it the way that you suggest, but the master-slave method works for me.  For what it's worth, I have both my Windows 10 PC and my backup server set up as slaves.


Some more info in this thread...  



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