Made edit to Plex settings, now I have a server error


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While trying to solve an error in this post I made an edit to the Plex docker settings.  I stopped the docker applications, stopped the array, rebooted the array, and started the containers again.  When I went to start I got a server error. Removed the docker application, including the image, and re-installed the application with the same settings.  same error.  Not sure where to go from here.1422662783_Plexedit2.thumb.png.991fc3dbf3d89c582b7c056bb936b155.png

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2 minutes ago, crusemm said:

Ok, did it this time with right docker name, get the following:

Error response from daemon: error gathering device information while adding custom device "/dev/dri": no such file or directory
Error: failed to start containers: Plex-Media-Server


Probably because on reboot you do not have a /dev/dri directory unless 'modprobe i915' is in your go file.  You might have run it manually to load the drivers once after the server was booted but since unRAID runs from RAM the drivers were lost on reboot.


If you want them to load every time the server is rebooted, you need to modify the go file on your unRAID flash drive.


Here's what I have in my go file:


#Setup drivers for hardware transcoding in Plex
modprobe i915
sleep 4
chown -R nobody:users /dev/dri
chmod -R 777 /dev/dri


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3 hours ago, crusemm said:

That's one of the one's I followed, I made those changes. Not sure why they didn't stick. I'll have to try again.

Probably missed the part about the go file modifications.


FYI - in addition to loading the i915 drivers from the go file, I also set up a folder in /tmp (RAM) specifically for Plex transcoding.  This allows Plex to manage its own limited RAM space and delete files as needed.  Just pointing transcoding to /tmp can result in crashing the server if it uses all memory.  This has happened to some.


I also have this in the go file.

mkdir /tmp/PlexRamScratch
chmod -R 777 /tmp/PlexRamScratch
mount -t tmpfs -o size=16g tmpfs /tmp/PlexRamScratch

I set up a 16GB PlexRamScratch folder but 4-8GB is usually more than enough.  I give it more because I also have TV records through HDHomeRun using that folder while recording and if Plex is doing its thing at the same time, a bit more RAM is needed.


Plex container setup looks like this:




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