Docker Container - MayanEDMS - New Documents not showing up

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I searched under the application docker container category and didn't find one related to MayanEDMS. Couldn't post new threads there - so i'll start here.


I want to explore EcoDMS and MayanEDMS. I've got the ecoDMS running fine, but having a slight issue with MayanEDMS. Has anyone else in the community gotten this container to work correctly?


UnRaid Version: 6.9.0-rc2

ENV in use for container:



  • IMPORT_PATH: (container path: /docmonitor) (host path /mnt/user/IntakeFolder) - public security on IntakeFolder

  • STORAGE_PATH: (container path: /var/lib/mayan/) (host path: /mnt/cache/appdata/mayanedms)


  • MAYAN_DATABASE_NAME: <postgres database name>

  • MAYAN_DATABASE_HOST: <unraid ip>

  • MAYAN_DATABASE_ENGINE: django.db.backends.postgresql



  • MAYAN_DATABASE_USER: <db username>

  • WebGui Port: 8000 (container: 8000)


First off, everything loaded fine after provisioning the docker image.  The hiccup is when trying to import a document.


Here's my process:

  1. New Document
  2. Select Document Type: Default (system default)
  3. Hit upload icon labeled Default (system default)
    • Notification message pops up saying document will be ready in a sec
  4. Click on All Documents - nothing is there


Troubleshooting notes:

  • Verified in /mnt/cache/appdata/mayanedms/shared_files - file uploaded is there.
  • /mnt/cache/appdata/mayanedms/ - no error file was generated, thus no error
  • There was not a yaml config file located at /mnt/cache/appdata/mayanedms/ either (many of the threads I found at MayanEDMS's forum referenced a yaml config file being at this location) - there is a config_backup.yaml though.
  • Docker log window shows (1) error - not sure what it is, but would think it's minor
__ - ... __ - _
LocalTime -> 2021-01-04 01:58:35
Configuration ->
. broker -> memory://localhost//
. loader ->
. scheduler -> django_celery_beat.schedulers.DatabaseScheduler

. logfile -> [stderr]@%ERROR

. maxinterval -> 5.00 seconds (5s)


I'm not noticing any other issues or obvious problems to further investigate.  Does anyone have any recommendation?




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