Moving From Hardware Raid to Unraid (transfer key)

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I've been running unraid on a server I had laying around with a hardware raid on it. I recently came across some enough parts to put together a true unraid system. I'm currently migrating my data from my old system to the new one. However my problem is I need to somehow use my key on the new trial system I have setup. I had to start the trial on the new system because I had to get my new array up and running. In addition I cannot just plug in the drives into the new system because they are all part of a logical volume on the old system with the hardware raid. I would have just moved the drives and they key and been done however due to the hardware raid I'm unable to. So currently I have two systems one active and one running a trial. I need to get the active one somehow moved to the new system that is running the trial. Suggestions?

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How much data are you talking about having to move?   (By the way, the transfer will go much quicker if you don't assign parity on the new server until after you have copied all the data over.  You will still have protection as you will have two copies of the data at the point when the copy process is complete.)

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I'm moving about 2.5tbs of movies and tv shows, along with my entire docker config. Thanks for the parity tip. Currently I just mounted the folders via mount.cifs in terminal and just running rsync. As I said the main problem is the activation key. I'm not sure what to do about that. I still have the old usb key but i'm unsure if once the data migration is complete if I can just plug it in or if I will have to transfer it somehow to a new usb.

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That is a good a way  as any to move the data.  2.5TB of movies and TV shows should move pretty quickly.


Start by backing up the trial flash drive.  You should be able to put the old .key file in the config folder on that Trail Flash Drive after deleting the current trial .key file.   Then boot the server.  It will detect the mismatch, offer to update the registration (a semi-automatic process) and assign it to the new flash drive.  (This will also blacklist the old flash drive which is something you should be aware of.)  Also be aware that you will get a plus license if you currently have a plus one and pro if you currently have a pro license.


The important thing to realize is that you want to make sure that you used a quality name-brand drive for the trial install.  You don't want a boot drive failure a few months out due to a poor quality cheap flash drive! 


You can copy that backup of the trial boot drive to a new high quality flash drive and use the old .key file to transfer the license to that new drive.   Same process...

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I missed the Docker part.  You have to be careful about copying the entire config folder from the old server to the new server because the file for the drive assignments are also in that folder and copying that to your new server can really screw thing up. 


Here a link to the Docker section of the version 6 manual:


Hopefully, it will provide you with the steps to move the Dockers from one server to another one and keep your configuration settings.  (I have never done it so I can't be much help here.)   I have the feeling that everything is contained in the appdata share to recreate running copies of your current Docker Apps.   Read through that and pose any questions you may have in a new thread with an appropriate Title.


EDIT:  You will often see mention made of copying the config folder over to a new flash drive BUT that is for the case where the hardware remains the same!

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11 minutes ago, Frank1940 said:

I have the feeling that everything is contained in the appdata share to recreate running copies of your current Docker Apps.

appdata is only the data for the applications themselves. So if you have the appdata, then the applications will have their data once the dockers are recreated. The docker templates are on flash in config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user. Those will allow you to recreate the dockers just as they were using the Previous Apps feature on the Apps page. Without those templates you would have to recreate them all manually by filling in the mappings, etc.

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