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Hey guys,


Before moving to unraid I had an ubuntu server installation for NAS. The only thing I miss from my old setup is the aliases I had configured for avahi. I still have the script I had build for the aliases which was utilising systemd to start bind to network events.

I would really love to put that back in action.


In practice, this is the service I had created for systemd in ubuntu server

Description=Publish %I as alias for %H.local via mdns

ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R %I $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2)"



To use the service it was as simple as creating and starting a parameterised service

systemctl enable inas-avahi@plex.inas.local
systemctl start inas-avahi@plex.inas.local


I know unraid is using avahi but I am not familiar with the folder structure and how to make the changes also permanent (some startup scripts that copy files I presume?)

So, where are the files I would need to touch? Also, given unraid is not using systemd, I presume I will need to write an equivalent init.d script or there's some way with unraid?


Looking forward to info to get this started. Once ready I will share off course whatever scripts will come out of it so anyone can easily reuse them.



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First tests - just manually running avahi-publish, reveal I forgot one important component. I need to also proxy the unraid web interface. This means I will need to move it to a different port and put it also behind nginx proxy. Is it feasible to change the unraid web interface port or everything will break?

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Almost got it working (was easier than expected).


Here's what I have so far - for however might be interested in going down that path


Step-1: Change the default ports for the unraid user interface

Go to http://inas.local:8008/Settings/ManagementAccess and change http and https ports. I set them to 8008 and 8443. Just remember to check your ports are not already used by some docker container, etc.


Step-2: Install Nginx Proxy Manager (docker from user-apps) - or build your own container. I had my own configs ready from the past server but Nginx proxy manager works just as well and as an added bonus you get a comfortable web-gui with it.


Step-3: Configure your subdomains (depends on how you went with step-2)


Step-4: Install user-scripts plugin (can put them in /boot/config/go but better skip the pain. Click to create a new script and add the avahi commands in there. For each subdomain add the following command

/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R subdomain.domain.tld unraid-ip &

## In my case, for my unrain registered with inas.local
## To add jackett.inas.local
## Instead of the IP I used avahi-resolve to actually aquire the IP for the inas.local domain
## This way if the unraid IP changes you do not need to change IPs in the script.

/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R jackett.inas.local $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2) &


This is how my final script looks like

#description=Generate avahi aliases
#name=Avahi aliases (sub-domains)

echo "sonarr.inas.local"
/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R sonarr.inas.local $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2) &

echo "plex.inas.local"
/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R plex.inas.local $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2) &

echo "proxy.inas.local"
/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R proxy.inas.local $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2) &

echo "sonarr.inas.local"
/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R sonarr.inas.local $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2) &

echo jackett.inas.local
/usr/bin/avahi-publish -a -R jackett.inas.local $(avahi-resolve -4 -n inas.local | cut -f 2) &


Next steps (help wanted and appreciated)


1. Utilise the args in user-scripts (can we have variable number of variables?) and adjust the script to use them accordingly.

2. Wrap the avahi-publish in a script to monitor for network changes and react accordingly (interface went up, restart avahi-publish, etc).


I acknowledge my documentation is insufficient to help people with little knowledge on the subject so feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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