Rocket 750 and Staggered Spin Up causing issues

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Hi all,


Long time tinkerer and lurker. I'm stuck with this problem and don't know how to solve it.


UnRaid 6.8.3

Wanting to build a 24 drive UnRaid

Have a Rocket 750 40 port HBA


On power ON

If I go:

Rocket 750 -> drives: works perfectly

All drives spin up simultaneously as soon as power is turned on.


If I go:

Rocket 750 -> backplane -> drives: times out and drives are taken offline.

Drives spin up sequentially only after the Rocket 750 driver is initialized.

However, if I press RESET after all the drives have spun up, the next boot is fine - all drives are found.



So far I've tried:

2 different backplanes (one SAS x6, one SATA x 24)

Tried setting the Rocket 750 to non Staggered Spin Up using the CLI



Before I bite the bullet and spring for a 24 port LSI HBA (no room for port multipliers) - any suggestions?

(I understand that newer versions of UnRAID no longer support the Rocket 750 so it may be a lost cause).



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Gave up on the Rocket 750 and bought a new "LSI Logic Controller Card 05-25699-00 9305-24i 24-Port SAS 12Gb/s pci-e 3.0" from a Chinese seller on eBay for $399 USD.


Works perfectly out of the box:

 - motherboard recognises the card - comes up with "Avago SAS3 BIOS" and enumerates the drives I have installed so far

 - boots UnRAID quickly with no timeout messages

 - drives recognised immediately by UnRAID


Need to get more SFF-8087 to SFF-8643 cables as the card uses SFF-8643 connectors, but so far so good.

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