ASUS Tuf B460M+ Motherboard - FYI

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This is mainly for anyone doing a search on the ASUS Tuf  B460M plus motherboard.  I couldn't find anything in my searches last night but found a few that were close.  I thought this might help anyone using this particular MB.


I ran into an issue with a new install last night with Unraid version 6.8.3 where my NIC card was not able to get a DHCP address and did some searches.   My IP was coming back as so after some research, I unbonded the device.  This resulted in getting a 169.x.x.x address which was progress but no cigar.  I then removed the /config/network.cfg which didn't work.  I tried the static IP route which allowed me to ping myself but everything else as unreachable.  I couldn't ping it from other computers on the network, either.   


This morning I downloaded the 6.9.0-rc2 version and everything is working as expected.  While it was seeing my NIC in the 6.8.3 release, something wasn't right.


By the way, I have an LSI Broadcom SAS 9300-8i card installed and Unraid found it easily and is using the drives I have connected with no issues.



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Thanks for the Information.

I am building my first Server and decided to use the TUF B460 Plus (no m) board together with a i5-10600.

Unfortunately I still can't get it to work with 6.9.0-rc2.


How would I use the Kernel method of rilles?


Or am I out of luck with the board?

If yes, I have a Lan to USB adapter, can I use this to set up the system until I can get a pci card?


Thanks in advance for the answer.



It suddenly works. I had to manually assign an IP-Adress. Interestingly the GUI works as well (it didn't before).

Again thanks for the tip with the Beta Release.

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