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sorry my first post is a question! So I've got a DIY server at home running Unraid (What else!) and The Hard disk array is growing. I've got my hands on this case: https://www.inter-tech.de/en/products/ipc/storage-cases/4u-4424


Now I was wondering what I should add to my build to make the hot swap work? I Guess a SAS controller? I've got no experience with this whatsoever. 

What Cable's and how many should I add ? A nudge in the right direction would be good. 

It should preferably work out of the box, if it's not working I don't mind fidling around a bit :)


My current setup:

- Intel Core i5 3570K Boxed

- ASRock B75 Pro3-M

- 2 x Corsair CMV16GX3M2A1333C9


(I'll be upgrading within the year or so to a Ryzen 5xxx build)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Thanks in advance! 

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i have very similar case, so it has 6 back-planes with one SAS 8087 connector each. to start, you can add one SAS controller with two(or 4) SAS 8087 ports, and then you can connect 8(or 16) disks in total with 2(or 4) SAS cables. to expand further, add more SAS cards, or add SAS expander. 

see this topic with various tests:


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Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. So you mention a 8087 connector, can I use any sas controller or any sas cable? 

For instance the HP LSI 9212-4i 6Gb/s4 ports SAS HBA would work? 

In the topic you are linking he mentions an LSI 2308, should I use only that one? 

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it depends. i have IBM ServeRAID M1015 - it's with LSI 2008 chipset - so PCIe 2.0 card.

LSI 9207-8i is PCIe 3.0 card - so more total bandwidth available.

both of these are with 8087 connectors.

HP LSI 9212-4i is with SATA connectors, so you will need a special reverse breakout cable to get it to work. and it only have 4 ports.

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