Remapping Plex folders out of the appdata not working properly.

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He Guys,

Running the Hotio Plex Container.
Unraid 6.9 RC2


I have a some costum mapping to move some folder outside the appdata folder for more efficient backups.

These are my mappings.


/config <---> /mnt/user/appdata/plex

/transcode <---> /dev/shm

/data <---> /mnt/user/data

/config/app/Plex Media Server/Media <---> /mnt/user/plex_data/Media

/config/app/Plex Media Server/Cache/Transcode/Sync+ <---> /mnt/user/plex_data/Cache/Transcode/Sync+

/config/app/Plex Media Server/Cache/PhotoTranscoder <---> /mnt/user/plex_data/Cache/PhotoTranscoder

/config/app/Plex Media Server/Metadata <---> /mnt/user/plex_data/Metadata

Now i have noticed that sometimes Metadata is still being written inside appdata Metadata folder. Also Metadata is not showing properly inside plex, meaning it is reading from the wrong folder. This seems to happen after script restart, docker restart and/or server reboot.
If i then restart the container manually it looks at the correct folders again.


I have no idea what is causing this and or how to fix it. I know other people with the same container and same setup that are not seeing this issue.. 


Hope that someone can give me some suggestions on how to possibly fix this!



Edit: Checked  my backups from before i upgraded to 6.9RC1 and 2, and there the mapping worked. Getting a bit closer to the issue.

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