Multiple docker networks with SWAG


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Hey peeps. Question about swag and using a vpn container. Right now I have a vpn container I feed deluge and nzbget through and is a custom docker network. I also have a custom network for swag. (*arr's, nextcloud). Is it possible to route that vpn traffic through swag as well so I can add it to my organizr?


Heres how my networks are configured right now: 8PRj1Sm.png




For example I can change the deluge VPN container to my proxy net and it will pass through correctly to swag. But how can I get NZBget to passthrough as well (but stay on the vpn network?).



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Figured this out in case anyone comes by this:


  1. Create custom docker network of the vpn container (ie: docker network create container:binhex-delugevpn)
  2. Delete ports from containers you want passed through to the container and then add ports to the VPN container
  3. Change passed through containers to the new network.
  4. Going into your proxy-confs folder and find each config file you have of the passes through containers.
    1. IE Sonarr: Find the line that says " set $upstream_app sonarr "
      1. Change it to  set $upstream_app binhex-delugevpn (your vpn container)
      2. You may have to do it in two locations in the config.
    2. Restart swag
  5. Click on your passed through container and run a curl and see if it's the VPN IP
  6. If your domain resolves you did everything correct :)
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