Disk Temperature High at Idle

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Newly built PC with Unraid.  The case is full sized Tower with good venting/flow & cooling. I have 3x16TB Seagate Exos spindle drives (1 Parity + 2 Data).  After the machine has been up for few 30+ minutes, I get Warning about disk temperature.  Since this is a new build there are no VMs or Docker containers.  There no real user activity, yet the drive report high temperature.  The System (Mobo) temp is around 34C, wtih Xeon CPU temps around 28C.




Any idea why the temp are higher than normal esp. during idle?



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It's pretty obvious but air will follow the path of least resistance, sometimes on way that are not so obvious at first glance.

If your drives are not in the airflow, they can get hot.

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