Connect win pc to unraid over 2.5g nics for file transfers.

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Okay, my question is how to direct connect 2.5g nic between win pc and unraid for file transfer. Both nics are the same 2.5g nics.


Something like this, istIn7w.png.


Or use the server as an internet passthru/sharing, still keeping them connected via the 2.5Gb for transfer speeds. I suppose it could go the other way as well.

The other thought, OUtibeX.png


To keep it simple the why is for transfer speeds between the two computers and I don't have a multi gig router or switch atm and im trying to see if I can avoid buying them since if I can do this I wont need too. Thou that Ubiquity Dream Machine is nice, and I might end up with it in the future. If there is the correct way to do this (without additional hardware) that would also be helpful.

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Thanks for the help. Looks like I did everything right the first time, except I need to run 6.9 Beta to get the right drivers for the Realtek RTL8125 according to some other other forum inquires. Not sure if this is why they wont talk to each other, but will test it out.




After update to 6.9 all is working. The Realtek RTL8125 didn't seem to like Unraid 6.8. So for those of you who are also trying this SpaceInvaderOne's video "10Gb Home Network (P2) - Peer to Peer" is really all you need to watch. The setup portion starts at 8:10 assuming you already know how to install new hardware. If you get issues with DHCP on boot you can manually set your ip (if you got a monitor hooked up) with ifconfig eth# eth# being the eth card you want to set be it eth0 or eth1. You can check with ethtool eth#.

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     It seem in my haste I did not notice that after all was said and done, my server now had no internet. I worked locally so I had no idea. After finding out that, the fix was simple(ish). After trial and error, I bridged the 2 nics together (br0) and it was working, however the internal ip was changed and I had a new mac address on my router, I just reset the nic (after bridging under the imbedded nic, it is the only one editable) in my router to its original settings. Will update if anymore issues arise. 

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