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On 12/25/2021 at 12:25 PM, FlippinTurt said:

How did you go about changing the hostname, through docker environment variables or within the container itself?


In extra parameters, "--hostname={namehere}" like instructed in the first post. It used to work (equal sign or not makes no difference).

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Yeah this is exactly what happened to me too 😞 Just broke after update and im getting the following,


s6-supervise pihole-dot-doh (child): fatal: unable to exec run: Permission denied

s6-supervise pihole-dot-doh: warning: unable to spawn ./run - waiting 10 seconds


Im on Unraid version 6.11.0-rc4... not sure if that makes a difference.

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Due to some issues I had for a longer time decided to clean install the docker removing appdata directory for pihole-dot-doh aswell.

After the new install it creates the directory with the subdirectories: config, dnsmasq.d and pihole. In the config directory there used to be two yamls for cloudflared and stubby. But they were not placed in there. For some reason my pihole is able to reach both and But I am unable to find where the config files are since I want to edit them.

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