Kernel panic after RAM replacement

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Running v6.8.3, unraid pro.


System been rock solid for 8+ years, have older hardware (M/B FOXCONN A7DA-S/A7DA, CPU Athlon X2. Recently installed plex so wanted to upgrade RAM. Had 2x 1GB corsair DDR2 sticks. Replaced with 2x kingston 4GB sticks purchased off ebay. System /BIOS recognises RAM, however it continually fails during unRAID boot due to kernel panic. Attached screen shots of boot log. If input old RAM in, system boots again.


Started a memtest and ran for 10 mins seemed to be ok (but recognised at 660mhz vs the 800 it should be). 

saw a couple posts about this saying newer versions of unraid aren't compatible with some older hardware, is that the issue here? 



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Adding photos of boot log
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RAM is spec'ed for 800, so its underclocked if anything. Maybe i need to play with ram settings in bios to get it matched (have let it auto configure at this stage). RAM settimgs appear a bit sparse on this mobo, but did see a couple timing options.

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