How to prevent Unraid WebGUI access through Docker containers?

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I'm trying to isolate some of my docker containers and after testing different IPs and Ports I found out that all of my docker containers are able to connect to the Unraid WebGUI.





Thanks to docker's --internal flag all these connections failed:           Internet        Router   SMB Client     Plex Bridge IP  Plex Host IP


Only these connections worked:       MariaDB (wanted)   Unraid WebGUI (unwanted)


Is this a wanted behaviour? How can I block this?

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This iptables Rule solves the issue (first block = internal container network, second block = my local network which unraid is part of)

iptables -A INPUT -s -d -j DROP


But I'm still interested if this (container is able to open the Unraid WebGUI) is an expected behaviour. 

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Wondering if this setting might have anything to do with it and how yours is configured?


Under Settings - Docker advanced settings


Host access to custom networks:  Disabled/Enabled

Allows direct communication between the host and containers using a custom (macvlan) network.
By default this is prohibited.



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