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Ok so I recently installed a new drive. A second WD1000CHTZ as see in the sg_scan list in the first picture. I believe its the first of the two wds in the list. (not sure tho). Anywhoo, when booted up after installing the drive. I could not see it in the gui. I could bring it up in the sg_scan and it is not 520 sectors as its a sata drive. So that's out. Idk what to do and i cant seem to find my case in my previous searches. I attached what i think is all relevant info. Id like to use both in the same machine but i can swap it out for another drive if need be. Thanks in advance.





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Alright. Finally got the chance to play around with the drive. I have two pro licensed unraid servers. Both are Dell PE R510s one has a Dell H200 in it. This is the original system "Harbinger". I tried installing there first no dice. Shows in sg_scan and logs but doesnt show in gui. The other R510 has LSI 9200-8i in it. I installed there next. Wouldn't show in either sg_scan or gui. Neither would a working ssd but that's another matter. So then next i installed it into a windows system and it showed. Healthy, without a filesystem. So I picked MBR in windows but didn't format. Threw it back in the first system. Still shows in sg_scan but not in gui. Ive attached the new diag from just after in rebooted with the drive for the second time. The only thing i can think of is that because in sg_scan the s/n that shows is identical. Maybe that's the conflict? but that wouldn't explain why it won't show up in the other unraid with lsi hba. Im stumped.


Edit: Not a big linux guy. Just started tinkering lately with unraid. Forgot to mention that. Thanks again for the help :D

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