Should a share take a long time to display contents?

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I have a share with 984 files, totalling 2.3TB of data.  It should be noted that the files are shared over 2 drives in my array.
It takes computers / media players a long time to simply retrieve a file list from this folder.  Sometimes they even time out.  And this is with the disks spun up!


Is the share simply too large? 

Is there a set number of files / file size it is better to keep files under? 


I also sometimes notice when viewing a share that a file list appears, then it grabs the file list from another disk and the file list changes within a few seconds.  Is this also normal behaviour?


System is an i3 2nd Gen with 6Gb RAM, 3 x 10TB disks.  

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I am running into the same issue where if i try to "Compute All" most of the time it just sits and spins. just if i jump out and back into the share it becomes fully populated but its a bit hit am miss. the Shares appdata seems to be the biggest culprit of not retiring the size in a timely fashion. Two things that might be helpful if future release.


1) Have a background task that once a day collects the size and array data and stores it a file. The data in the file then can be read at the time of the page load to show the last known size. Most people don't need real time data on the shares, but would like to browse where all their data is/was at the time of the last scan

2) by having this stored in a file, if a drive is spun down, you don't need to spin it backup to see what it was. (before the drive spins down, but run the script to see the size)


in general this type of approach would just be a better experience as it gets faster feedback and if there is a need to, the enduser can always run the compute manually to update with the latest information.




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