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I currently have a z800 I've been using since day one with unraid. i am aware upgrading to new system is pretty easy as long as all the drives stay the same. however i have been utilizing dual nics. i can access every docker, and dashboard from either ip address (both are on different subnets), i'm just wondering if there is anything in networking that will produce a problem if new system only has one nic instead of two. i'm not worried about dockers pointing to wrong ip addresses (grafana, sonarr, etc.) that is to be expected and easily changed. i did search but can't seem to find anything besides normal migration talk. there are bridges for both interfaces.  any recommendation would be appreciated. all dockers are set to "Bridge". only one docker is set to "custom:br1". i do not see "Bridge" in network settings, but both br0,and br1.

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as no one has answered i've run into a problem. while preparing my move i wanted to get everything ready for single nic motherboard. moved everything over to br0/eth0. when i put eth1 port down i can't access unraid at all! not even eth0! there is no bonding. so what gives? any help would be appreciated!

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