1 dead 6tb drive, want to replace with larger 8tb parity drive, and replace parity drive with much larger 12tb drive. possible?

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One of the smaller 6tb drives in my array just failed (one of the main reasons I have unraid!). The thing is its small and my parity drive is 8tb but as i understand it none of the array drives can be larger than the parity drive? If that is the case, in planning for the future I wanted to add a 12tb drive as my parity drive, and take that 8tb drive and use that as the replacement for the dead 6tb drive.

So if I add the 12tb drive as a second parity drive, rebuild or mirror (or whatever its called) the parity drive, then once that is complete take the 8tb drive and put it in place of the dead 6tb drive I should be good? right? (of course I am not sure about this hence my posting, what are the risks, are my assumptions incorrect etc).



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I followed the directions and everything went well until I think I botched things slightly.

The copy finished, and then I got confused about which physicial drive (didnt heed that part of the directions) and disconnected the wrong drive, when i turned it back on i saw the mistake and didnt think much of it, I turned the computer back on and reconnected the drive. The catch is that now I get an error about the wrong parity disk (I select the newly copied 12tb drive as the new parity disk) unless I select the old parity disk as a data drive at which point its giving me the copy option again (which just finished after running for about 40hrs).

Do I need to run copy again? I can, its not a big deal but I just dont want to loose any data

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Yeah don't do what I did, had one drive Fail, moved all the data off the drive to another drive, then replaced the First parity drive with a new (larger) drive AND then swapped the original parity drive with failed drive. If i would have removed the failed drive form the array, first, I would have been better off. Luckily I was able to recover thanks to the second parity drive, but I ended up rebuilding the first parity drive and the failed drive (now a regular data drive) I one shot. 


After using Unraid for 6 months, I would like to see better (built in) logic for automating the procedure. Even something like (remove disk for array) and then have the mover reallocate the data and then remove the drive would be nice. Right now i am using unbalance to shift data around, but i feel like this logic should be built in and not relying on 3pp.

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