Jellyfin fills up docker image


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Hello all,


currently I run into the problem again and again that my docker image fills up.


To me it looks like it's the jellyfin, I don't see the error in the configuration though.


It is also possible that it is just something simple that I am overlooking.


I also deleted the docker.img, let it recreate and installed all the apps again over the previous apps page.


2021-01-28 14_40_45-docker exec -it jellyfin bash (Tower) - Brave.png

2021-01-28 14_39_11-root@Tower_ _mnt_user_appdata_jellyfin.png

2021-01-28 14_37_40-Tower_Docker - Brave.png

2021-01-28 14_44_40-Tower_Docker - Brave.png

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