System slow to respond and no dockers responding

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I finished watching something on Plex and when I was going to bed I noticed my unraid server fans were running on high.  I went to take a look and I couldn't access any of the dockers.  I'm thinking it might have something to do with sabnzbd unpacking something, but not sure.  Attaching the diagnostic logs. Would greatly appreciate any insight someone might have.

Also, wondering what I should do when this happens.  I can open a Terminal.  Is there a way to kill processes that are freezing things up?  Should I just issue a reboot command?

I noticed this in the processes showing higher CPU and RAM usage than other processes:

nobody 13212 16.0 57.3 11181424 9232132 ? Sl 01:02 214:19 /usr/sbin/python3 /usr/lib/sabnzbd/ --daemon --config-file /config --server --https 8090


Shares are accessible.  Dockers are not.  Some tools are working but some are not.  


Thanks again for any and all help.

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