sudo reboot -f does nothing | Can't restart Unraid | Web UI error 500

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I'm getting an error when accessing the web UI:

Error 500 Internal Server Error | nginx

. I can still SHH into it. My VMs are still running and accessible. Most Docker containers are running but my reverse proxy container is non-reactive and cannot be rebooted. I've tried shutting down the VMs with 

sudo virsh shutdown <name>

- nothing happens and I abort the command with CTRL+C after a long time; I've tried shutting down all Docker containers with 

sudo docker stop $(docker ps -q)

- my Nginx Proxy Manager container won't shut down (the rest does); then I tried stopping the array as per wiki - there's always active streams that I can't forcefully stop and thus cannot unmount the array. Finally, 

sudo reboot -f
sudo powerdown -f

do not work with no console activity like for the VM-shutdown.


Apart from a hard-reset (which I cannot do as I'm not at home), what can I do?

The last thing the server did was an automated monthly parity check which failed with error -4 according to the notification email. I tried collecting diagnostics but the command hangs like the VM-shutdown. This is a two-month old server and I've nothing but bad experiences with it: There has been no more than a week between severe problems that caused everything to spiral out of control. The one month of trial-period went without any hiccups which is what annoys me most.


My system:

  • Unraid 6.8.3
  • ASRock X399 Taichi, Threadripper 1900X, 2x16GB DDR4-3600 (@2400 as I suspected TR first-gen might not like the 3200MHz I had it before - was one of my first troubleshooting steps), GTX 1650 (for gaming VM)
  • 4x 4TB WD Se, 1x 1TB Seagate Desktop HDD, 1x USB HDD (doing data-recovery on it), 240GB WD Green (SATA M.2, cache), Samsung 32GB flash drive


Also posted on Reddit.

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added missing storage devices (cache and flash drive)
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