unraid upgrade - sanity check please


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Hello guys, I am planning to upgrade from a i3 dual core cpu so that I can run BlueIris (4-6 cameras) on a vm in unraid. I currently have a ryzen 7 1700 in my home pc. My plan is to put in a new Ryzen 5 3600 and motherboard into my home pc and repurpose the Ryzen 7 1700 for unraid. I want advise on if this is a good idea and will ryzen 7 1700 be still ok for atleast the next 5 years or should I buy a recent 8 core Ryzen for unraid. Home pc is being used just for phone backups and some wordprocessing/internet so doesnt need anything powerful. unraid will/is be running plex docker (local stream only), transmission docker, homeassistant vm, windows vm with veeam backup and blueiris, nextcloud docker. Thanks

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As a fellow AMD enthusiast (just upgraded my 1700x to a 5800x) the R7 1700 makes a fantastic unraid server BUT, as a long time BI user you are going to want to use a 6th gen+ Intel cpu for the iGpu Quicksync acceleration features. Without Quicksync my old i7-6700k in a dedicated box would be at 75-80% use all the time with 8 cameras, with Quicksync on it would sit at 18-20%. I now have 12 cams on the same system and it pretty consistently sits between 23-28% depending on how windy it may be that day. I would split BI off into a seperate box. Those cheap Plex transcode prebuilts are great for this since most of the work is on the iGpu it does require more than an i3 with that amount of cams. Good luck on your build!

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