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Back in 2015 I purchased two keys and I am currently using one and have never needed to use the second usb.

I had a bit of a scare a few days back as my server was only intermittently reading the usb stick. (Cannot find device bond 0) error.

After a little playing around the usb stick is now currently working, although it could fail anytime.

Is there a simple way to copy my current configuration to my second usb which I have never used or updated from when it was purchased?

I have taken regular backups of my usb in the server using the tool provided by Unraid.

Basically, what I want to be able to do is connect my second USB to my windows pc and copy my configuration from the usb in the unraid server to the usb stick in my pc that has the second license key. Then if one fails I can just plug in the second usb and carry on using the server whilst I replace the failed one.


Thank you in advance




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All you need to do is copy across the ‘config’ folder to get all your configuration information onto the second USB stick.


having said that if the second USB stick is not on the same Unraid release you may want to copy across everything from the 1st one.   Make sure you keep track of which license file goes with which stick (and ideally have them backed up somewhere safe).

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No Joy

Copied config folder  and put pro2.key in config folder - Flashing curser at boot

Used creater tool on 2nd usb with backup from pro1.key usb and pasted pro2.key in config folder on 2nd usb - flashing curser at boot again.

Am I missing something, I have checked that pro2.key is bonded to usb


Ran make bootable in admin mode as suggested in another post- checked uefi is uefi-

Both usb sticks are same brand  Trancend 2gb Ran chk disc   No errors found

Thank you

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26 minutes ago, Userpaul said:

No. My flash drive will not boot. Seems to work fine in pc and laptop

Since the USB stick is booting fine on other machines it is obviously something specific to this one.    I suggest you remove the trailing ~ from the uefi folder to see if you can boot in UEFI mode.  

28 minutes ago, Userpaul said:

Can I use pro2.key on my current server? Or is the second key for another build.

Unraid licence keys are valid for all releases of Unraid so no problem doing this if you want.

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I tried removing the - and it made no difference  I’m puzzled tbh

If I set up the usb a new flash drive and tried to boot from that would that have a bad impact on my current set up or damage my current drives in any way?

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19 hours ago, Userpaul said:

If I set up the usb a new flash drive

Your configuration is completely contained in the config folder on the boot flash.


If you setup another flash without your old config, then you are starting from scratch with no disks assigned.


If you copy the old config then you will have exactly the same configuration as before.


If you copy part of the old config, then you will have those parts of your old config and others would be default. This wiki gives some idea of how that would work:



In any case, your license .key file will not work with another flash so your license will have to be transferred.

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