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I'm trying to clear my cache drive so I can swap it for a bigger one, by following the instructions here;


I've got as far as manually invoking the mover, I've run it several times actually.  I set it going this morning, it's just finished some 6 hours later.  It started off with 77.8Gb free, it now has 77.9Gb free.


What is not moving is my AppData folder.  I've stopped all the Dockers and turned Docker off as in the instructions and set use Chace Drive to Yes for that share.


Can anyone offer any ideas?  Can I manually move the AppData folder, or does it have to be done via the Mover?



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9 minutes ago, Paul Rockliffe said:

Can anyone offer any ideas? 

You are likely to get better informed feedback if you attach your systems diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools->Diagnostics) to your NEXT post.


10 minutes ago, Paul Rockliffe said:

Can I manually move the AppData folder, or does it have to be done via the Mover?

Yes  - mover is normally recommended simply because most people find it easier.   However mover should have worked so whatever is stopping that might also affect a manual move.

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Looks like only appdata hasn't moved completely. Mover won't move open files but since you have docker disabled that shouldn't be the problem.


And mover won't move duplicates, so if you already had some appdata files not on cache that might explain it.


Go to Settings - Scheduler and enable Mover logging then try again with Mover and post new diagnostics so we can see what it is doing.


18 minutes ago, Paul Rockliffe said:

if Docker will still know where it is if it's moved

You won't be enabling docker again until you have completed replacing cache and moving things back as explained in that wiki.

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Thanks, I'm looking through the App Data files to see what's not moving and it looks like the duplicates thing might be the problem.  I changed the settings a while ago to move the whole lot off the array. but there's files still left on one of the array disks.


I'm going to work through them all and see if I can convince it to move by removing the duplicates.  


The two that don't have duplicates though are Plex and Lidarr, both are large dockers with 10s of thousands of files.

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OK, I'm getting somewhere.  It looks like there are two things; a permissions issue with a MS SQL Server docker - it needs to be reinstalled anyway, so I won't bother fixing that.  The other thing is a Plex docker and Lidarr docker that contain 10,000s of files.  Everything else in there has moved, but been left on the cache drive.  It looks like I can manually move the large dockers, so I think I'm OK.  They're also fairly simple to reinstall, though I should probably clear out a load of MP3s as it takes weeks for Lidarr to rebuild it's library!

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