Utilize m2 Coral Edge TPU in docker

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Hi Folks,

So this wasn't as easy as I thought as the host OS needs the drivers.

According to the instructions: Get started with the M.2 or Mini PCIe Accelerator | Coral


I need to install these packages:

sudo apt-get install gasket-dkms libedgetpu1-std


However apt-get isn't available on Unraid - bugger

The odd thing is the device shows up in lspci - so i'm wondering if I can still use it? 


I'm not sure if I can find the device on the host and map it to the docker. Is there a way to run the drivers in another docker and use that on the host? or can someone help me figure out how to map it?


I'm going to be using Frigate which is docker.


mapping -v /dev:/dev

the device shows up inside the docker, but it doesn’t appear usable, so I ‘think’ the issue is the drivers on the host - any suggestions?


I’m wondering if I can take a backup/snapshot of my Unraid Host OS, and then try and install the packages? Although not sure how to install without a package manager?

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