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Last night i had to move my server from bedroom to office. So in my bedroom the server was directly connected to the router, and have a Ip address 192.168.... 

When i start the server in my office , (it´s connected to a RJ45 plug on the wall, swich on ATI to send gigabyte signals to all divisions), all of my dockers won´t run gave Execution error, server error( image attached), i guess it´s the IP was change it, and the dockers have the old IP...

 The tower also dissapeared from my network explorer on windows, if i right on the address tab \\tower , tower folder open.

The new ip of tower on my bedroom is very of course different than the one i had on router directly connection.


I try the workaround of stop docker, delete docker img, start again, add container , put the new fixed ip on docker, apply, the execution error disapeared , but the docker don´t run , the state is "start", but the webUI won´t open( image attached).


I ´m loosing my mind with all of this!! Sorry for the long post.




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Now i can make the dockers work if i don´t choose the network type " Custom br0". If i choose bridge everything is ok. I always choose custom br0, and always works, could be the server is no more connected to the router??!!


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I am no expert on networking stuff.


I find it strange that your IP changed to a different IP range. Is it possible that you have several LAN and that it messes stuff ?


Can you try another computer on that RJ45 socket to see how that works ? (IP range, internet access, etc.)

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The problem is the IP to put on the subnet on custom br0.

I don´t know which one. When i had the server connected directly to the router was very simple to put the IP on custom br0 , i only had to put almost the tower ip and the last two digits i choose accordingly with the dockers i had... Now it doesn´t work in that way....


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