Unraid and gaming?

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Today I have a gaming PC and one server with truenas. Then I read about the awesome unraid, that I can run both my gaming and server on one pc. 

Is there any cons about this? 


This is my hardware and I dont bother about high or ultra graphic: (Ill play PUBG, cs go, and most older games) 



Ryzen 5 2600

16Gb 2133mhz 

1070 8Gb


Would really love to get rid of one physical pc. 


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Sorry that no one else has jumped in here to give you some answers.  As a point of disclosure, I do not run a VM so I am definitely no expert.


First thing, you can not overclock in any manner with Unraid.  


Second, AMD processors have a few special constraints and require some special BIOS settings with regard to C-states.


Third, you will have to dedicate (at least) one Core to Unraid. 


Fourth, you will need an SSD (as a cache drive) to store the VM on. While it is not an actual Unraid requirement, it is a performance requirement when one is using a VM.


This is the link to the official Unraid documentation.  There are a couple of sections in it that deal with VM's. 




And if you look further down the forum page to the 'Application Support' section, you will find a couple of sub-forums that are dedicated to the topic of Virtual Machines. 


Hopefully, my post will prompt a some folks who have much more experience than me to jump in and assist you. 

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