How to Install a Docker Container from a Docker Pull Command

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I am trying to get Universal Media Server Installed in UNRAID version 6.8.3.

I was not able to find a template for this program. But they do have a Docker Container download command. "Run docker pull universalmediaserver/ums"


I am a newbie when it comes to Docker anything.
I have search through the forums, but could not find any information on doing this.
Any Ideas on how to get this installed or how to get a template created for this?


Thank you

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Make sure that you have the search dockerhub setting enabled in Community Applications. Then use CA to search for the docker image you want to use. When CA returns no results, click the whale to continue on to results from dockerhub. Select the repo you are looking for and CA should open the template creator/editor. As for what you will need to add to the template i am not really sure. The docker hub page for the repo you listed doesnt give much for setup info, such as what ports to bind, what volumes are needed etc. Nor do i see a direct link to a github page that might have that info.

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Ok I have done the following (But I still cannot find it):

I have put these repositories in the docker setting:


I went to the Community Applications and searched for universalmediaserver

It did not find anything and it did not show a whale that I could click on.




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8 minutes ago, Yoda_1204 said:

I have put these repositories in the docker setting

Nobody suggested you do that and I don't see how it would help since the limetech repositories don't have templates for that docker, and docker hub doesn't even have templates.


Do this:

1 hour ago, primeval_god said:

Make sure that you have the search dockerhub setting enabled in Community Applications.

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