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Is there any assistance as to why my array constantly is stopping for no apparent reason? I only use Plex which works fantastic after a reboot but again this morning the array is undefined.

All syslogs are now gone but I downloaded one earlier this week when I rebooted the system.  I performed a memtest for 12+ hours the other day and no errors were noted.

I am baffled as to why this is constantly happening.

I would really appreciate any help and I will continue searching for steps to figure out why my system is so unreliable? Does anyone else have their array stop for no apparent reason?

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I am not sure it is related to your issues, your log is spammed by


Feb 12 12:40:44 sutterstuff root: error: /plugins/dynamix.system.temp/include/SystemTemp.php: uninitialized csrf_token


Is it expected to have connections from the US, the UK, Russia, Kazakstan, Lithuania, ?

Unraid is not hardened and is not supposed to face the Internet directly.

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I think that the idea was to deactivate uPNP, manually configure a public port within Plex and be sure that only the required ports are forwarded to your server.

You'll want to check what is the actual recommendation from Plex.


uPNP, is a bad idea in general and I always deactivate it on my router.

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