Replace Parity Drive with emulated Data Drive

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I've got a failed data drive that is being emulated.  Normally no big deal and I'd replace it.  However, I'd like to increase my parity size as well.  Right now parity drive is 14tb, and I'd like to be able to do 2x16tb.


My plan at the moment was to buy a 16tb and a 14tb, replace the failing disk with a 14tb and then replace the current parity with a 16tb moving the existing parity drive into the array.


Is there an effective way I can replace the failing disk in my array with a 16tb and replace the parity drive with a 16tb as well?

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On 2/16/2021 at 10:41 AM, jonathanm said:


Very basically by putting the old parity drive into the 'slot' of the disabled drive and installing the new drive into the parity slot it would then trigger the option to copy the parity information over, and then afterwards would 're-build' the old parity drive into the replaced data drive?

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