Help Understanding VM Network Settings (Bridging and Port Forwarding)

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I am trying to correctly setup port-forwarding for my Home Assistant VM via Unraid.  I have manually set a static IP for the HA VM ip (via Unifi router... using the MAC assigned from the VM), but I cannot access HA from the external IP.  Testing the port forwarding continues to tell me that the port is closed.


My Unraid network settings are as follows:

Enable Bridging = Yes

br0 Routing Table = (Metric 210)


My HA VM is set as follows:

Network Bridge: br0


Note - I can access the internal (local) IP of Home Assistant without an issue.  So the issue is definitely that port-forwarding is not working correctly.  I suspect that either my Unraid network settings aren't correct - or the VM isn't configured to use the network settings correctly.


Thanks for the help!

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3 hours ago, perfect said:

Note - I can access the internal (local) IP of Home Assistant without an issue.

You haven't mention does port-forwarding ( default port 8123 ) at Unifi router have point to HA instead Unraid. Pls also check does gateway ( by DHCP assign ) in HA VM also point to router.

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Thank you both for the help and guidance!  I realized that I still had an active port forward to my previous IP (when I was running HA as a VM on my Win7 machine). I deleted the old/unused Port Forward rule and then made the HA VM (via Unraid server) the primary port forward IP and it completely worked.


It looks like my Unifi controller can't have more than one IP assigned a port forward rule (which makes complete sense...)



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