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I've been a user of LastPass for many years after switching from Roboform.  Even was a premium subscriber for a while but didn't really need the features that I was paying for so went back to the free version.


LastPass just announced that starting in March all of us free users are going to be screwed.  Basically pony up the cash for premium or you'll be limited to one type of device access; meaning that if you log in with a mobile device you will not longer be able to use LastPass on a desktop PC, or vice versa.  I use LastPass on desktop and mobile.  Is it worth just paying for premium and not have to switch?  Probably.. but....


So for anyone using any of the other various password managers how do you feel about the one that you use?  Do you use it because you like it or because it's more of a hassle to switch to another one?  Do you use it on multiple devices? 


Were you a user of one product and then switched to another because you found it to be a better platform?


For me the only other free manager I know of with universal accessibility (platform wise, desktop, mobile, etc) while also having a decent interface is Bitwarden.  I've tried it a little bit in the past but did not really get into switching over to it from LastPass... at the time I wasn't really serious about using it so I didn't look too hard at it.. now might be the time.


I believe KeePass is free, or has a free version, but as I remember it it's a terribly 90's feeling software suite and not comfortable to use.  Not sure if it has any mobile apps.


But, how long until Bitwarden does the same thing with a cost attached to using it?  Even a self hosted database could potentially be required to have a subscription to the software.  (edit -- meaning the current free user accounts, not the paid services).


So, what are you using and where do you see the future going?  Are you a (free) LastPass user now and what are your plans for this switch in service?

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I've been a lastpass user since 2012, was a premium subscriber until they got rid of the Xmarks add-in.  Their free version has been the best free password manager available for far too long.  I've been expecting them to downgrade it for a while.  The premium discount they are offering (that I got in an email this week) is pretty good if I am remembering correctly (very cost competitive).  We use Lastpass on 4 computers, 3 tablets, 5 phones.

All that said I am moving to Bitwarden.  Bitwarden is open source and you can host your own instance if you are so inclined.  I'll probably subscribe to family premium for it as well (for the same reason I pay for email service).  I've been looking at Bitwarden for over a year and the decision by Lastpass was just the nudge I needed to switch.  I exported my lastpass vault.  Had to break it up into 2 import files (1000 record max per import for bitwarden), but had everything into Bitwarden, installed on our phones, and my pc.  Will need to finish the other devices this week.

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14 hours ago, whipdancer said:

Had to break it up into 2 import files (1000 record max per import for bitwarden)

Yeah, that's kinda annoying/surprising.. do they think people don't have lots of passwords? lol..


I'm going to use the opportunity to painstakingly go to every site I have a password on and add it to Bitwarden instead of importing from LastPass... call me crazy.


One thing I don't like about Bitwarden, compared to LastPass, is the poor folder/category structure.  LastPass is years ahead on that front.  Just saving a wi-fi password in Bitwarden has no customized location for it or a way that it makes sense that it's a wi-fi password and not a user/pass login. 


Also don't like how -everything- gets thrown into a "no folder" category by default, even credit cards in the credit card folder are listed in the general no folder category if you don't create a new folder for it... 

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I have been a Lastpass Premium user since way back when they charged for multidevice access the first time. I started paying for it for that feature alone. When they switched to allowing multidevice use for free accounts i honestly didnt realize it for quite some time. Overall i have found Lastpass' features and attention to security worth the money. I will probably continue using them for the foreseeable future.

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