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I'm having some issues with my unRAID server, and it seems to be related to USB devices.  Other than the flash drive containing unRAID, I've got a ConBee II ZigBee interface, an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Z-Wave interface and an RFXCOM RFXtrx433XL 433MHz interface connected to USB ports.  I've had some issues with both unRAID freezes (lose all communication with both unRAID web GUI and containers), and with the home automation interfaces falling out.  Last in line was the ZigBee interface.


I see in my unRAID system log that there are some error messages related to the ZigBee interface.  Can anybody tell me what the problem here is?  Is it likely that I have a faulty USB controller?  It's the onboard controller that I'm using, but the mainboard is fairly old (approx. 10 years) so it wouldn't surprise me if this causes problems...



2021-02-22 12_38_18-System Log.png

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Its does look like its hardware related as its getting a timeout. Have you disconnected the stick for a bit and then reconnected or tried a different port?

35 minutes ago, ohj said:

ZigBee interface


#define ETIMEDOUT 110 /* Connection timed out */

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10 hours ago, SimonF said:

Have you disconnected the stick for a bit and then reconnected or tried a different port?

No, I haven't.  The sticks have been plugged in the entire time.  The ZigBee interface is connected to the server through a USB extension cable though.  A fairly low quality one, which wouldn't surprise me if causes voltage drop over the thin cable.  I've already ordered a better USB3 extension cable, so I'll see if this improves the behavior.


The error code you found, is that a Linux specific error code?  The 71 code should be EPROTO (Protocol Error) then, I guess.

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