VM dies after Nvidia GFX driver loads in guest, leads to PCI Uknown Header 127 error

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First time poster, hello.


I'm trialling Unraid and have a relatively new system based on Ryzen 5900x/Gigabyte Auros x570 Master/Nvidia 1080ti.


This post is about my issues trying to passthrough the 1080ti to a Linux or Windows VM.  Thus far I can only successfully pass through a GPU if the guest does not load the nvidia driver.


On Ubuntu, the Noveau driver works.  If I load the Nvidia driver, the VM loses display, and the 1080ti stop outputting a signal.  Stopping and then restarting the VM leads to 'PCI Unknown Header 127' error.  I have to power down the unraid server completely to recover from this.


It's a similar experience in Windows, Windows on first boot will automatically download and install the Nvidia driver from Windows update, as soon as the driver is installed I have exactly the same problem.  Blank screen.  The 1080ti just locks up, and I must power down the server again to get rid of the PCI Unknown Header 127 error.


I have dumped my 1080ti BIOS in Linux and I'm passing that through (using the `echo 1 > rom` method), I've also tried the 1080ti BIOS for my card from Techpowerup as well, I seem to have the same results with both BIOS.


So it would seem as soon as the nvidia driver becomes active in the Windows or Ubuntu guest, it's game over.


Also, I have 2 video cards and I've swapped slots on the motherboard around to different places, this didn't help.


Does anyone have any pointers on where I should go next?  It took a long time just to get this far,  but I'm starting to run out of ideas, hoping someone can help me please!


Attached is my diagnostics.




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