Hardlinks with split level?

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This is my directory structure:

* Movies:
  * `Media/Movies/Movie_Name/movie_file.mp4`
  * `Media/Movies/Movie_Name/movie_file.nfo`
  * `Media/Movies/Movie_Name/movie_file.srt`
  * `Media/Movies/Different_Movie_Name/movie_file.mp4`
  * `Media/Movies/Different_Movie_Name/movie_file.srt`
* qbittorrent

  * `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete/Show0/Season X/episode1.mp4`
  * `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete/Movie2/movie_file.mp4`

  * `Media/qbittorrent/Show1/Season X/episode1.mp4`
  * `Media/qbittorrent/Movie3/movie_file.mp4`


With a split level of 2, `Movie_Name` and `Different_Movie_Name` directories may be on different disks but each movies entire contents will be on the same disk.


What happens is that Sonarr/Radarr send a torrent to qbit to download to `Media/qbittorrent`. Qbit downloads to `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete` and then moves the completed download to `Media/qbittorrent`.


Now, with radarr and sonarr, they "copy" files from download client to my actual share using hard-links (not actual copy). How would that split work with this hard link? Will the split at the time of directory/file creation in qbittorrent be the permanent one? In other words, if the initial download happens in `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete`, does that means that the entire `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete` will be on the same disk, and any hardlinks created to that will not actually move the file to another (more appropriate disk)?

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