Passing Audio/Video Between VM's

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Hi, new here,


I have two VM's setup and I was wondering if there was a clean/efficient way to pass audio and/or video between them. 


My reasoning for audio is simple, my Motu M4 audio interface keeps crashing even though the USB controller is passed through. I figure if I didn't pass it through it might not crash. So for that I was wondering if I could pass VM audio to the server and then send it out to the USB MOTU. An alternative is to figure out why the MOTU keeps crashing, I suppose.


As far as video, I'd like to run my one VM as a gaming machine, and run OBS to stream from the other VM. I can manage it with NDI, with a significant reduction in quality and noticeable lag. I was wondering since the whole system is actually connected, is there a way to accomplish this?

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