Copy data from NTFS drive to Unraid array

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I'm a total noob to Unraid. Just started with a clean setup with 3x 10TB disks. Everything is fine, building an arry with 1x 10TB parity disk and 2x array disks. But I want to copy files from several NTFS disks to my array, but don't seem to find a way to copy these files. I installed the Unassigned Devices plugin, but don't see a way how to copy the files to my arrary. I have several disks NTFS disks with data which I want to copy to the array.

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if you want to do it in a GUI, just set up the disks you mounted in Unassigned Devices to be shared. Click the settings icon for the disk and enable share.


Otherwise, you can SSH in and use midnight commander (mc) to copy your data from /mnt/disks to wherever

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I would recommend midnight commander as well, mainly because it does the transfer on the Unraid server.  If you employ the share method and then say use a windows computer to transfer the files from share to share, it will transfer over the network i.e.. Server Share A - desktop - Server Share B which would slow everything down.  If you have a lot of data to move, Midnight Commander is much more efficient. If you want to get fancier, you can install Krusader in a docker container and make the transfer there, but it sounds like your just starting out so I might skip that until you are more familiar with Unraid.

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