Re-Enabling "macOS interoperability" and TimeMachine based GUI settings if "Enable SMB" is set to "Yes (Active Directory)"


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If SMB Settings "Enable SMB" is set to "Yes (Active Directory)", which means "AD join status" is "Joined", then the setting "Enhanced macOS interoperability" setting to "Yes" and the "SMB Security Settings" at "Export" setting to "Yes/TimeMachine" doesn't work for using it on Apples Time Machine.

(AFP is also extremely instabil in Active Directory Services (ADS) for more (4+) Macs doing Time Machine Backups. If good luck, then it works some weeks. Next is unRAID's note: "Please note that AFP is deprecated, please use SMB instead.". This will prevent from using AFP - but it's OK.)

At the moment, the only way to get SMB based Time Machine backup running in ADS environments with more Mac-Users is to add these lines to "Samba extra configuration:"



# Samba extra configuration/settings

fruit:aapl = yes

fruit:resource = file

fruit:metadata = netatalk

fruit:locking = none

fruit:encoding = native

fruit:nfs_aces = no


# Share specific settings

fruit:time machine = yes

fruit:time machine max size = 4T


This must be done, because if "Enable SMB" is set to "Yes (Active Directory)", all "macOS interoperability" settings will be ignored from unRAID OS - so far as I remember from Tom (cause of ADS problems in the past).


With the quoted settings above, we are running SMB based Time Machine backups in an ADS environment long time without any issues.


But there is one problem, because these settings are global, the option "fruit:time machine = yes" and "fruit:time machine max size = 4T" is valid for ALL shares. If Macs are connecting to any other share, the share limit is 4TByte for ALL shares. Leaving the option "fruit:time machine max size = 4T" is not an option, because Time Machine is taking ALL available storage


So, please re-enable the "macOS interoperability" and TimeMachine based GUI settings if ADS is active (SECURITY="ads" in /boot/config/ident.cfg) to prevent from manual adding "Samba extra configurations".


Thanks in advance.

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