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VirtualBox in unRAID

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That error is not part of my vboxpkgc.sh script... guess you made yourself yet a 3rd script with the steps I posted? then the problem is obviously the last cp to just copy the created package to the flash... I didn't explained it ( and I can't edit my previous post anymore due to recent changes on forum :( ) but sure that needs to match the package file created, and the target where you want to copy it to....


It was the script I DL from you  ;)


Maybe I shall do a newDL



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It's weird as your quote shows a 'cp' error after creating the package... and... I have not (and never had) any 'cp' on the script after 'makepkg'... after it there is only a 'rm' to remove tempdir and script done... then it makes no sense :)

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Cloud provider... VM's creation, etc automation...? I didn't checked it in detail... but can't imagine it being much useful for an home storage server? we can control all in phpvirtualbox...

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