Looking for dsphoto solution on unraid


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Looking for some idea's that are not nextcloud/owncloud. I currently have my cellphone, Wifes, and Mothers cellphones backing up to my synology via dsphoto. I hate my synology because of its age it is very cumbersome and slow. I want to leverage my unraid system for this but I have not found a good solution to backup photos on the fly. I do not want to use nextcloud or owncloud as I have had bad experience with it in the past both personally and professionally. Does anyone know of a solution I could try?

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Honestly your best bet would be to use google photos for automatic backup, or amazon photos if you have prime.  From either of those you could then download them for storage.  Not quite an automatic process but without using nextcloud you're somewhat limited to the availability of mobile apps.

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5 hours ago, Energen said:

but without using nextcloud you're somewhat limited to the availability of mobile apps.


Backing up your mobile pictures on the fly is easy. There are multiple ways to do that. But in assume you want to access all these pictures over the internet from your mobile device as well?


We use a combination of nextcloud and emby. I know you said you had a bad experience with nextcloud. For me it's actually the only mobile app that works very well for auto uploading images. I have nextcloud data mapped to an UD. A script copies the new uploads (every 4 hours) to the array in the 'images' or 'video' folder. I use Emby to access them from my mobile device. Emby is not really focused on pictures but it works very well. No long loading times.


That said, i too want to get rid of nextcloud and want a more user friendly and all-in-one solution.


My parents use a free dropbox account to sync between mobile and unraid. A script moves (not copy) files from dropbox to unraid.


Syncthing (like primeval_god mentioned) didn't work well for me outside LAN but it's a very powerfull app once you get it tweaked.

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