Does Timemachine work on unraid for BigSur

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Well for me its a rhetorical question, because no it does not. I followed the instructions to set up a time machine share but it does not show on my two macs as an option.


Can anyone else back up their BigSur via timemachine, what did you do different to the instructions provided?

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I have done some extended Tests on my M1 Mac with Big Sur 11.5.1 - I had the issue that whatever settings I changed the shares would not show up.

Solution for me was "Follow the official Unraid Time Machine Setup settings in SMB / Interoperability settings" then turn export to "No" and say that it should not export this share. After the save I reenabled the share with YES/Timemaschine setting.

Then I disconnected all the shares that came from Unraid in finder.

And just connected the Time Machine share.

Then I opened the Timemachine settings and selected "Select Volume" and the Unraid share did show up as if it was never an issue :)

Hope I can help some people with the description how I solved the issue with the Timemachine Share not showing up.



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Thanks!  This appears to have worked for me.  The key thing is your second point.  Disconnect all of the shares to UnRaid in finder.  At first I just disconnected from the "timemachine" share (but left a couple of other general file shares) but still ran into the same problem of Time Machine not finding the share.


I disconnected from all the shares, reconnected to "timemachine" (and got the icon on my desktop).  Then the share popped up in the Time Machine app.  

Backup is proceeding now.

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