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Evening all - So when I do anything with my active dockers I get CPU_IOWAIT errors showing up. (for example updating the containers) 


Posts on this forum say its a bug within unraid (but a few versions have been released between that post and now) but I also wanted to check with people that know more than me that my locations are correct. 

All my AppData paths witin the docker templates for things like Plex, Sonarr are all on the cache drive. 

But the docker.img looks like its on normal spinning disks (highlighted below) 


Do I need to update these paths to be the cache drive? 

Finally the behavour I am getting is when I copy a large amount of data to my cache drive, I loose all WebUI's for the server itself, and all dockers that have a webUI. until the copy is done. 

The copy is been done to a share that is on the cache drive (so its not copying direct to the array)




These are the advance settings 




These are the errors I am getting 



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Quick update - When I copy a large amount of data from one share to another - Both shares set to use Cache - the copy starts off around 300mb/s or above, but after 5min drops down to 20mb/s and IOWAIT hits 10% 

I am wondering if its the cache drive? But its showing no issues. 






The SSD does show this - So maybe this is the cause 


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