Server not reachable after (first) reboot.

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So here's the skinny: whenever the server reboots for maintenance, resumes from power loss state, or I manually reboot it for some change I made; the server reboots, I can see activity on the drives while the system boots up, but I cannot ping the supposedly static IP or VPN IP. 

I press the power button and let the server power down. After a while, I press the button and it restarts. Sometimes after a single power off - power on cycle it is back; others, I have to repeat the sequence and it finally pings again and I can connect.


The unit is on a headless PC so I cannot see what is going on. 


How can I troubleshoot what is happening?


This is particularly annoying when I am away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time on business. In these cases I have to ask my wife to cycle the machine. But she can only do this when she arrives home. So there are days when I don't have access to my documents or stored data.

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A hard power off/unclean shutdown really not good.


An idea was virtualize Unraid by passthrough the boot usb and disks controller, then you can see what problem in remote. You don't need change anything in Unraid and fallback if need.


But you may need a new disk for the VM host and this disk can't in same disk controller.

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