External unassigned encrypted drive.

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Can anyone tell me the scenario(s) under which the passphrase would need to be re-entered in order to "unlock" an xfs encrypted drive. I have tried rebooting, powering off, powering off and disconnecting the drive's USB connection and every time I reboot, the drive mounts in UD and can be read on the network. 


I have a similar setup on OMV but moving everything to Unraid. On OMV the drive has to be "unlocked" after any reboot, which I thought was the point.





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1) Are you sure it's actually encrypted? 


2) Do you have other drives in the array that are encrypted with the same passphrase/file? --- If yes, Unraid [most likely] automatically tries to mount the drive with the existing passphrase.   You would need to start your array and then remove the passphrase/keyfile before mounting the UD.

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